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Meet Fiona

Meet Fiona, the talented owner of Fiona's Floral Designs, a flourishing wedding and events florist with a passion for all things floral. With a Certificate III in floristry and a deep love for the artistry of blooms, Fiona brings a touch of elegance and enchantment to every occasion she works on.

Having previously embarked on a rewarding career as a primary school teacher, Fiona's transition to the world of floristry allowed her to combine her creative flair with her innate nurturing spirit. With an eye for detail and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Fiona takes great pride in crafting breathtaking wedding florals that transform ceremonies and receptions into dreamlike landscapes.

Fiona's expertise extends beyond wedding arrangements, as she recognises the value of sharing her knowledge and skills with others. She hosts engaging floral workshops for adults and children aged 12 and up, offering them a chance to immerse themselves in the world of flowers, explore their own creativity, and learn how to create a diverse range of stunning floral arrangements. Through these workshops, Fiona creates a nurturing environment where participants can have fun, bond, and discover the joy of working with nature's most captivating creations.

With her warm personality and exceptional talent, Fiona has earned a reputation for her professionalism, reliability, and the ability to bring her clients' visions to life. She approaches each project with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every petal, stem, and colour is harmoniously arranged to reflect the unique style and personality of her clients.

Fiona's Floral Designs is not just a business for Fiona; it is a labour of love and a testament to her commitment to celebrating life's special moments with the beauty and wonder of flowers. Whether she is designing a breathtaking wedding bouquet or guiding workshop participants through the art of floral arrangement, Fiona's passion and expertise shine through, making her an invaluable presence in the world of floristry.

Owner and Florist
Owner and Florist


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